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WOOD & GRACE is a business situated in Bloemfontein that specializes in products made from sustainable woods. We work hard to ensure our products are built to last, while keeping environmental sustainability at the core of our operations. Our high quality items are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, a passion for nature, and an appreciation of the natural beauty found within nature. Our custom designed products range includes a variety of decks, thatching and roofing , lapa's, pallet and outdoor wood design furniture and accessories, each designed with a rustic, natural aesthetic. We look forward to providing you with products that bring nature’s beauty into your life. As agents for Fibre thatching in the Freestate we guarantee a specialised high quality service and product in roofing and thatching.

Your dreams converted to natures wonders.


Decking services for a perfect outdoor area. Create a paradise in your garden!


"Fibre thatching and roofing specialists. Quality craftsmanship for the best price."


Professional wooden & pallet custom-designed products. Delivered to your door.


STEAM WORKS: Innovate and create.


Custom design Lapa's provides high-quality, personalized service to clients.

Allow your dreams to come true!

  • Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Specialised Custom design, installation and maintenance of wood decks, thatching, roofing, wood and pallet products.